Increasing Software Sales Is Our Mission

Soft Sales Cure, Inc. is the leading sales management firm focused exclusively on helping software companies increase sales and achieve consistent growth and profits. This is accomplished by implementing realistic and achievable business plans, executing practical sales methodologies and delivering record sales results, without building larger organizations or incurring overwhelming costs associated with overhauling entire sales teams.

Software Sales Challenges

It is indisputable that accurate sales forecasts and actual achievement of sales targets are critical for future planning and growth of every software company.


Due to uncertainties in global economies along with internal and external factors, including size and maturity of sales, marketing, channels, and products, when compared to more established competitors, young software companies often struggle with achieving sales growth targets that were set in business plans developed prior to facing such unforeseeable events.


When sales forecasts are missed, the vision of achieving profitable growth slowly fades away and becomes wishful thinking combined with setting unattainable future sales targets as desperate attempts to recover lost revenues.  Such unfortunate chain of events could eventually lead to the downfall of a young company.


We recognize that many start-up and young software companies are facing mission critical challenges.  The recent economic downturn and slow recovery are accelerating the grave impact of such challenges.  On the other hand, few companies continue to produce sales growth!  How are they succeeding while others are struggling?


The key difference between success and failure is in the specific experiences deployed to resolve sales execution challenges, regardless of economic climates or sales organization's size.


We founded Soft Sales Cure, Inc. as a result of our successful hands-on sales management execution of software sales organizations running complex sales cycles worldwide for over 25 years that produced record sales growths, profitable turnarounds and rewarding acquisitions for several companies.


Soft Sales Cure, Inc. is the only hands-on executive management and knowledge transfer firm focused exclusively on helping software CEOs, Board of Directors and VCs improve sales performance by producing consistent sales growth and profits.

The software sales solutions we provide.

It is unwise to hope that chronic symptoms of poor sales execution would disappear with little or no efforts. On the other hand, those who recognize sales challenges early and initiate immediate steps towards achieving continuous sales growth, benefit significantly from making such key decisions before it is too late.


Although many software sales challenges appear to have similar symptoms, often the causes of such symptoms differ substantially from one company to another. Our extensive experiences have shown that no two companies are alike; hence we became certain that one size solution does not fit all.


We have developed a proven, solid framework that continues to solve all the parameters in the complex equation of running software sales effectively and efficiently, making the desired sales results become attainable, achievable and profitable. However, our approach for solving the sales equation is customized depending on specific known and unknown, working and nonworking parameters with each of the companies seeking our expertise to improve sales.


Costly generic sales training and sales methods that claim to benefit every industry, present unrealistic hypothetical classroom scenarios and exercises that often become obsolete and forgotten.


Soft Sales Cure, Inc. has mastered one and only one expertise - software sales growth, which is based upon our hands-on and proven worldwide software sales leadership that consistently produced record sales and profits.


Our innovative sales enablement approach, dedicated to account planning, accurate forecasting, successful deal closure and consistent sales growth, allows software companies to gain competitive advantages by utilizing internal and external knowledge along with field intelligence gathered by customer facing employees who are guided by our easy-to-follow Sales Methodology® that significantly improves sales organization's performance, shortens sales cycles, displaces competitor's advantages, and wins every qualified sales opportunity.


The sales results we enable softwrae companies achieve.

In order to permanently cure challenging software sales symptoms, it is important to recognize that salesmanship is a professional craft which combines both Art and Science.


The Art of Sales is the "know-how" of finding, structuring, negotiating and closing deals.  It is gained by many years of successful hands-on sales experiences.  Therefore, it can't be taught in a classroom.  It can only be illustrated by a software sales leader who manages and coaches Sales and Channel organizations by example, i.e. finding, negotiating and closing new opportunities.  Competent sales leadership and knowledge transfer of relevant advance experiences are essential for developing performing sales organizations.  By reviewing this web site, you will be assured of our ability to deliver hands-on expert knowledge in order to significantly improve the performances of direct sales and channel partner organizations.


The Science of Sales is the methodology implemented by the sales organization and endorsed by the entire company to produce 

Consistent, Predictable and Repeatable results.  We have developed and practiced a specialized and detailed software sales discipline that is proven to drive sales cycles, step-by-step, to win and produce record sales results. Our seamless Software Sales Methodology® is the discipline "C.P.R." that prevents last minute "sudden death" of forecasted deals at the end of each quarter, hence, eliminating unpleasant direct sales surprises and weak channel contributions.


We, at Soft Sales Cure, have mastered both the Art and Science of Sales, a rare yet must combination to achieve sustainable sales growth.  Therefore, we encourage you to gain from our practical experiences in driving and managing software sales tactically and strategically.


By adopting our comprehensive, hands-on and proven sales enhancement process, your organization's success and return on investment (ROI) become realities, measured by achieving consistent record sales, predictable profits and satisfied new and reference customers.



If you are absolutely committed to improving sales results and bottom line profits, please contact us so we could address your questions, evaluate the challenges, and propose our recommendations to help you achieve total sales success.

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