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The only measurement for Sales Success is
Sales Revenue Growth 

Sales Success = Sales Revenue Growth
Consistent, Predictable and Repeatable Sales Growth

Our Unique Approach Ensures Your Sales Success In The First 90 Days.


Although one small component of what we do is sales training and knowledge transfer, we are not a sales training company.  In fact, predefined classroom-type sales training courses with hypothetical exercises of imaginary sales scenarios are abundant, yet quickly forgotten and discarded.  We believe that Sales is a professional craft that combines both Art and Science. 


The Art of Sales is the "know-how" of finding, structuring, negotiating and closing deals.  It is gained by years of successful hands-on sales experiences.  It can only be illustrated by hands-on real individual masterpieces of actual sales deals structured, negotiated and booked in the field. 


The Science of Sales is the proven sales methods that produce Consistent, Profitable and Repeatable results, i.e. the "CPR" that prevents last minute, unwanted surprises of "deal's sudden death" at the end of each quarter.  However, the chances of finding a Sales Artist and a Sales Scientist combined in one person are very slim.  Therefore, the challenge is with creating a successful sales organization, where each individual must be able to utilize skillfully the Art and Science of Sales. 

We are professional software sales experts, who have mastered sales tactically and strategically, working as active consultative advisors and trusted confidants to VCs and CEOs.  We identify, coach and certify an efficient, lean and talented sales team that is not only able to learn the Science but also capable to be mentored by observing the Art.  We work hands-on and side-by-side with existing and new sales and marketing team members along with indirect channel partners worldwide to lead, drive, manage, negotiate and successfully execute actual sales cycles that bring real sales growth and prosperity to the company's bottom line. 


Based on measurable successes, we make certain that every member of the entire customer-facing organization is well trained on our proven Sales Methodology®, a unified sales practice and language, which ensures consistent, profitable and repeatable growth according to a coherent business plan.  With our unique and proven approach, your competitors would immediately notice that your sales and marketing teams have gained the winning advantage by becoming unbeatable. 


Your ROI becomes real and tremendous, measured in extraordinary sales bookings often achieved within the first 60 to 90 days of our engagement, depending on the magnitude of your company's current sales challenges.  Here is the best news:  No matter what your company's software sales challenges are, you can rest assured that we have seen them all, and solved every software sales challenge that has ever existed. 

If you are absolutely committed to improving sales results and bottom line profits, please contact us so we could address your questions, evaluate the challenges, and propose our recommendations to help you achieve total sales success.

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