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Abraham (Abe) Ayat

Abraham Ayat / Abe Ayat

Abraham (Abe) Ayat has more than 25 years experience in leading software sales organizations to achieve record sales results and profits.  He has a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Computer Science from the University of San Francisco, California.

Abraham Ayat / Abe Ayat
Abe's Bio

While Abe held the Vice President of Sales position at NetManage, Inc., a public software company, he drove the sales organization to achieve record sales growth of more than 400% that produced consistent profits. In 2008, NetManage, known for its Host Systems Access & Web-Enablement Software (Rumba), was acquired by MicroFocus.


Prior to joining NetManage, Abe was the Vice President of Sales for ON Technology Corporation, a Cloud Management, Asset Discovery & Operating System / Disaster Recovery software public company, where he spearheaded the company's rescue from cash depletion and NASDAQ delisting, due its significant sales challenges, by bringing tremendous sales growth and turnaround to profitability in less than two years, which resulted in its favorable acquisition by Symantec Corporation.  During Abe's tenure as Vice President of Sales at ON Technology, Abe increased the company’s revenue by more than 700%.


In addition, Abe drove the turnaround of several other software start-up companies to achieve record sales and become profitable for the first time since their inceptions.  Their software technologies were: 

DNS and DHCP solutions for the telecommunication industry, Application Software Authoring Requirements & Validation tools, and Enterprise Network Security, Performance & Access Control tools.


Abe also served for six years as the Vice President of North American Field Sales Support & Services at Novadigm, Inc. a public software company that specialized in Desktop (Client) Management and Automation software, known as Radia (acquired by Hewlett-Packard), where he earned several promotions due to his significant achievements in defining and leading the Pre-Sales Support and Professional Services organizations while producing record revenues. Prior to Novadigm, Abe held key sales management positions at software companies that had transitioned, such as Ingres Corporation, a relational database management software company competing against Oracle Corporation, and OpenVision Technologies known for its flagship product NetBackup, an enterprise-level backup and recovery software (now Veritas).


As a result of his work ethic and achievements, Abe is well regarded by his peers as a straightforward, accomplished, confident and honest software sales mentor and leader by example. He is recognized for his hands-on tactical and strategic sales leadership along with his deep passion for driving software companies to produce record results and profits. Abe has a unique talent of maximizing the value of each software sale, by bringing real solutions to solve costly business challenges for every customer.  Abe is often heard saying: "Developing satisfied reference customers is key to gaining new customers and maintaining top performing sales organization"


Abe founded Soft Sales Cure, Inc. as an independent sales management company focused exclusively on helping CEOs, venture capital investors (VC) and shareholders of software companies achieve quickly the desired sales targets and bottom line profits.  Abe's sales management discipline has consistently delivered predictable and repeatable record sales results, regardless of pre-existing internal or external challenges, such as inaccurate sales forecasts and fluctuations in economic conditions, respectively.


Abe is the author / inventor of the Ayat Sales Methodology®, a detailed, step-by-step and simple-to-follow software sales discipline, which ensures accurate forecasting and achievement of sales growth targets that produce bottom line profits.  In his spare time, Abe writes about his extensive hands-on, customer facing sales experiences, and enjoys traveling with his wife and three children.


Abe personally invites you to review Soft Sales Cure's web site. He is certain that you will find helpful tips, proven experiences and practical sales approach to be of great value for solving the majority of software sales challenges.  No matter what your company's software sales challenges are, you can rest assured that Abe has seen them all during his software sales career, and solved every sales challenge that he had encountered.  Advanced sales management experience is the key for building and maintaining performing software sales organizations.

We, at Soft Sales Cure, encourage you to gain from our proven hands-on experiences.  Please feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion of your software company sales challenges and solutions.

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