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The Sales Innovator:
Fearless, Tactical & Strategic Sales Leader

Sales Innovator

Sales innovators are born, not made. The combined Art and Science of Sales along with hands-on tactical and strategic working experiences are extremely rare to find in one individual. Yet, they are the most critical qualities of a true sales leader. That's why it is often a challenge to find effective and performing sales leadership.  However, if found, sales magic happens, by producing unimaginable record sales results!  Yet, with the introduction of a new sales leader, another challenge often arise.   

The challenge is in aligning and integrating the rest of the organization, who might have gotten too comfortable doing business as usual, with the new innovative and performing sales leadership.

Of course, in the presence of such challenge, the suggestion to consider overhauling the entire organization is unwise.  


Now, you might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • Where do you find innovative, results-driven sales leadership?

  • How long would it take to find it?

  • Can you wait that long?!

  • If found, how to convince those who are doing business as usual, to think "out of the box"?

  • How to motivate the entire team to work towards one key objective, the company's bottom line results?


We, at Soft Sales Cure, are proud of the fact that we have created magical sales experiences for several companies by delivering record results as we were tasked to manage their entire sales organizations.  We have found that such magic was accomplished because of one major key factor - our confident and fearless sales leadership that is based upon our advance expertise, innovative strategy and practical hands-on team approach to achieve great results.


Although we focus on the ultimate goal of growing the bottom line by producing outstanding sales results, we also synchronize Marketing, Sales Support, Professional Services and Management teams' efforts in support of growing the company's sales.  By doing so, everyone in the company, without exception, becomes motivated to contribute to sales success. However in order for team synchronization efforts to succeed, the full endorsement and unwavering support of creative, confident and intelligent CEOs, Board of Directors and VCs, must always be present and remain strong.


Therefore, we recognize that our turnkey sales & marketing management engagement is clearly not designed for everyone. It is offered only to a few selected corporate leaders, who have a clear understanding of what it takes to grow sales and the bottom line, and are fully committed to fulfilling the need for finding a game-changing Sales & Marketing leadership that is innovative, experienced and committed to producing consistently record sales growths and bottom line profits.

If you are absolutely committed to improving sales results and bottom line profits, please contact us so we could address your questions, evaluate the challenges, and propose our recommendations to help you achieve total sales success.

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