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The Sales Navigator:
Driving Sales Cycles To WIN

Sales Navigator

As a prerequisite for building and sustaining a performing sales engine, accurate forecasting and winning each qualified sales opportunity must be achieved within a reasonable time frame.


However, in order to accomplish such important tasks effectively and efficiently, the entire sales team must drive sales cycles by implementing a proven, detailed, and easy-to-understand step-by-step road map. The sales cycle road map must have built-in precision to monitor and pinpoint the exact current stage or "location" in a given sales cycle from beginning to end. Also, it must constantly determine and highlight the shortest and quickest way to reach the ultimate destination of closing and winning the deal, i.e. finding the shortest sales cycle.


Can you imagine having a Sales GPS navigator while driving your sales cycles to the destination WIN?!


Certainly, you can!  The collection of proven methods -that accurately guide, control, and clarify the steps and the milestones within each sales cycle to reach its ultimate desired destination of success and win within the shortest time possible - are considered to be the Sales Cycle's GPS navigator that helps guide the entire sales team.


Soft Sales Cure's founder is the inventor of our patented Sales Methodology® that has been proven to bring GPS-like navigation into enterprise software sales cycles. It provides the sales team with accurate understanding of a step-by-step and detailed road map that guarantees 100% accuracy in qualifying, forecasting and winning every sales opportunity, while shortening sales cycles. Just as GPS device, the Sales Methodology® constantly monitors the salesperson's dynamic position in the sales cycle and continuously direct the salesperson to stay on the correct, fastest and shortest possible path to win. It is easy to use and intuitive to understand, yet it simplifies the complexity of enterprise software sales cycles and shortens their duration.


The implementation of our Sales Methodology® practice enables your sales organization to:


  • Qualify accurately each of the "suspect" opportunities in the pipeline and turn them into "qualified".

  • Determine exactly where the sales team stands with each qualified opportunity in the pipeline.

  • Produce a realistic sales forecast based on qualified opportunities that you will successfully win.

  • Expose the gap between actual forecasts and planned targets, which helps sales management make timely adjustments to bridge the gap and achieve desired sales targets. 

  • Identify and document detailed steps to win all "qualified opportunities" in your forecast.

  • Provide an accurate time assessment to complete each step in the sales cycle based on business best practices.

  • Guide your sales team step-by-step closer towards winning each sales opportunity in the forecast.

  • Monitor proactively the progress of sales on daily and weekly basis, by using our proven management tools and techniques.

  • Provide proactive support to the sales efforts by helping the sales team stay on the right track during sales cycles. 

  • Shorten the sales cycle significantly by identifying and securing commitments from decision makers early in the cycle.  

  • Win all forecasted qualified opportunities, and avoid unpleasant surprises in quarter-end results.

  • Achieve predictable and consistent sales growth without "reinventing the wheel" every quarter. 

  • Maximize sales productivity and efficiency.

  • Implement a proven sales process with a built-in forecasting system that guarantees Consistent, Profitable, and Repeatable sales results, the CPR needed to prevent sudden deaths of forecasted opportunities at the end of each quarter.


The Sales Methodology® (our Navigator offering) represents a concrete foundation of proven best sales practices for building a solid performing sales engine, driven by a productive and efficient sales team.

If you are absolutely committed to improving sales results and bottom line profits, please contact us so we could address your questions, evaluate the challenges, and propose our recommendations to help you achieve total sales success.

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