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Software Sales Management

Regardless of sales challenges and their causes, the measurement of sales performance is binary.  Sales targets are either hit or missed.  Soft Sales Cure, Inc. was created because we have solved all the parameters in the complex equation of running sales effectively and efficiently, making the desired sales results become attainable, achievable and profitable. 


For example, during a period of extreme depressed IT spending and economic downturn, and like many software companies at that time, we were faced with challenging U.S. economy that could have halted our efforts.  Instead, Abe Ayat was able to turnaround a struggling public software company, On Technology, Inc. with only three months of remaining operating cash, delisting notices from NASDAQ and no potential buyers, to become consistently profitable by significantly increasing sales, adding new marquee customers and winning against well established competitors, i.e. Microsoft and IBM.  As Vice President of Sales at ON Technology, Abe Ayat grew the company’s sales revenues by more than 700% in less than two years.  As a result of this successful turnaround, the company was favorably acquired by Symantec Corporation.


The recent economic downturn and current slow recovery are becoming extremely challenging for many companies.  We, at Soft Sales Cure, are always committed to bring our proven experiences to help software companies improve sales and achieve consistent growth regardless of economic climates and aggressive competitors.  It is our strong belief that results-driven companies, implementing proven business strategies and offering tactical solutions that clearly bring value and return on investment (ROI), are poised for triumph.


Our steadfast commitments to our customers’ successes extend from their own passion to do whatever possible to move their software companies forward by achieving outstanding sales triumphs in extremely competitive fast-advancing markets.  Therefore, we value and respect our confidential clients who are confident Chief Executive Officers, intelligent VC Stakeholders, and capable Directors of software companies. They have recognized the current sales challenges their organizations are facing today, and committed themselves to bring growth and bottom line profits in order to achieve favorable financial returns for their employees, investors and customers alike. 


With such powerful combined commitments, Soft Sales Cure, Inc. is able to build turnkey triumphant sales engines at reasonable costs, considering the significant ROI produced and measured by achieving consistent sales growths and financial rewards for everyone associated with the software companies we help.

If you are absolutely committed to improving sales results and bottom line profits, please contact us so we could address your questions, evaluate the challenges, and propose our recommendations to help you achieve total sales success.

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